Can You Grow A Tomato Plant From A Slice Of Tomato?

Can you grow a tomato plant from a slice of tomato? To begin, fill a pot or container with potting soil, almost to the top of the container. Slice the tomato into ΒΌ inch thick slices. Lay the tomato slices cut sides down in a circle around the pot, and lightly cover them with more potting soil. Voila, you have tomato plants!

Can you plant a cut tomato?

This is very easy and rooting tomato cuttings in water is just as simple. Tomato cuttings are amazingly fast and easy root growers. Then, you can simply immerse the tomato cutting in water or plant it directly into some soil medium. In water, the cutting should root within about a week and will be ready to transplant.

Can I grow tomatoes from the seeds inside?

Yes, you can grow tomatoes from fresh seeds. You can plant any tomato seeds you want, and see what grows just for fun, but if you want to plant something you can later eat, you need to plant seeds from a tomato that is an open-pollinated variety.

Can I grow tomatoes in water?

When you grow tomato plants in water, it's a great way to start a new plant, before putting in soil. It becomes a little addicting too. Rooting indoor plants in water, is a great way to fill your home with lovely, and lush greenery.

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