Are The Actors For Fred And George Actually Twins?

Are the actors for Fred and George actually twins? Identical twins James Andrew Eric Phelps and Oliver Martyn John Phelps are English actors who play the Weasley twins Fred and George Weasley in all film versions of the Harry Potter series. They were born just thirteen minutes apart on 25 February, 1986 in Sutton Coldfield, England, UK, with Oliver being the elder.

Which Weasley brother died in real life?

Knox died at the age of 18 after he was stabbed outside the Metro Bar in Sidcup, South East London, on 24 May 2008. He had intervened in a fight to protect his 17-year-old brother Jamie, who was being threatened by a man armed with two kitchen knives.

Who played twins in Harry Potter?

Oliver and James Phelps (Fred and George Weasley)

For a decade, the twin actors stole scenes as Fred and George Weasley, Ron's trouble-making older brothers. Since the final installment of the Harry Potter series hit theaters, the brothers have split time between California and the U.K.

Are Phelps twins identical?

They are all grown up! The UK-born identical twins Oliver Phelps (35) and James Phelps (35) are well known for the successful Harry Potter film series. Early on the brothers discovered their passion for acting and appeared together on stage for school theatre performances.

How do you tell the Weasley twins apart?

  • His face is shorter, and a little bit rounder.
  • He has a scar on his left eyebrow.
  • His eyes are not as slanted, and are deeper.
  • He doesn't have a bump to his nose, whereas Oliver does.
  • His top lip is straight, while Oliver's top lip is curved.
  • He is the shorter of the two.

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    Who played Ron Weasley's twin brothers?

    James Andrew Eric Phelps and Oliver Martyn John Phelps (born 25 February 1986) are English actors.

    Is Fred or George older?

    The actors who portrayed Fred and George are James and Oliver Phelps respectively. Oliver is actually the older twin, but Fred is older than George.

    How can u tell the difference between Fred and George?

    Fred has a more round face, his features not as defined as George's. On George's face, you can clearly see his cheekbones and in a way, George's face is 'skinnier' looking. Fred's facial features are less defined than George's. Second, the way their hair is styled.

    Are the Weasleys related to the Malfoys?

    ↑ The Malfoys are related to the Weasleys through the Narcissa and her descent from the House of Black.

    Did the Weasley twins meet at the audition?

    She asked the twins if they were actually real twins or they just looked alike. The Phelps brother did not let this hilarious opportunity go and replied that they are not real twins but actually met at an audition. The reporter further added that it was lucky for the producers that the twins are so alike.

    Is Mad Eye Moody bill Weasleys father?

    Yes, the actors who play Mad-Eye and Bill Weasley are father and son in real life. Oh, and as for Gleeson's other son, he and Domhnall played brothers in Mother!.

    Which Harry Potter actors are related in real life?

    Two actors who featured throughout the series are, in fact, related in real life. Even the biggest Harry Potter enthusiasts may not know that Brendan Gleeson and Domhnall Gleeson are father and son.

    Who did Luna Lovegood marry in Harry Potter?

    Luna Lovegood

    Which Weasley twin lost an ear?

    Here's how: King George III was deaf in one ear—and George Weasley lost his ear in the Battle of the Seven Potters. King George III also only took the throne after his father, Prince Frederick, died unexpectedly—and all true HP fans know that Fred died far too young during the Battle for Hogwarts in the final book.

    What is Fred and George's middle names?

    Fred and George Weasley

    The cheekiest Weasley boys were two characters with doubly interesting names – though neither have middle names.

    What is Ron Weasley's real name?

    Rupert Grint is a British actor best known for his role as Harry Potter's best friend Ron Weasley in the film series based on J.K. Rowling's best-selling books.

    How long is a school year at Hogwarts?

    Hogwarts' school year was structured in a similar way to other non-magical schools and colleges in the UK, with a three-term year punctuated by holidays at Christmas and Easter and bounded by the long summer holiday of nine weeks.

    How tall are the Phelps twins?

    James and Oliver Phelps are as tall as approximately 15 iPhone 5S's. The Weasley twins are both 6 feet and 3 inches tall.

    How old are Ron Weasley's brothers?

    Bill is two years older than Charlie, who is three years older than Percy, who is two years older than Fred and George, who are two years older than Ron, who is a year older than Ginny.

    The Evidence.

    name birthday
    Ron March 1st
    Fred & George April 1st
    Ginny August 11th
    Percy August 22nd

    What happened to Weasley twins?

    The Weasley twin was one of the many major characters to be killed-off during the climactic Battle of Hogwarts in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the final book and film in the series.

    How did George deal with Fred's death?

    What are Fred and George's Patronuses?

    Fred and George Weasley have the same Patronus shape: A magpie. Rowling revealed on Twitter that the Weasley twins both cast Patronus charms shaped like a magpie, which is a type of bird. "We have a saying about them in the UK, 'one for sorrow, two for joy,' as you might know," she wrote.

    Who cursed George's ear?

    George flew with Remus Lupin on a broomstick and lost an ear due to an off-target Sectumsempra spell fired by Severus Snape. There was nothing that could be done about George's ear, as it had been cursed off with Dark magic.

    What is Fred Weasley's Patronus?

    Ginny Weasley

    Can Harry Potter tell Fred and George apart?

    The Weasley twins even confused their own mother at times, but it is actually possible to tell Harry Potter's Fred and George apart. It turns out that you could tell Harry Potter's Fred and George Weasley apart and that was before one lost an ear!

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