Are Landlords Responsible For Noisy Neighbours?

Are landlords responsible for noisy Neighbours? Noisy Neighbours

Technically, there is no obligation on the landlord to rectify the issue unless the neighbours making the noise are also the landlord's tenants. If that fails, assist your tenant by helping them to raise a noise complaint with the local authority.

Can I complain to my landlord about noisy Neighbours?

If the noisy neighbour is a tenant, you can make a complaint to the landlord. Most tenancy agreements require tenants not to do anything that would constitute a nuisance to neighbours. The landlord can use the tenancy agreement to deal with the problem if it persists, with eviction as the last resort.

How do I get my neighbors kicked out?

If the renter does not resolve his or her behavior, the property owner can file for eviction. The owner must file a summons and complaint in small claims court. Paperwork is then served to the resident, summoning them to a court date 2-3 weeks in the future to discuss a pending eviction notice.

What to do if your Neighbours are loud?

Contact the local police or council

If talking to your neighbour is unsuccessful and the noise problem persists, contact your local authorities. They can investigate your complaint and issue a nuisance order or penalty notice.

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